Top Books You Must Read in 2020 !

Top Books You Must Read In 2020 

Top Books You Must Read in 2020 !

Today I will tell you all that is needed most in our life which reflects our life which we all need to understand and know and we must know about it, try to learn as much as we can about life. Only facts related to life will continue to be revealed and we will be able to know all about life! And we will be able to understand the impact on their life, these small lives and the small world where we live in which many types of humans and their thoughts are their thoughts. 

How they affect their lives can also be positive or negative, these are two aspects created by humans. Positive and negative are the books of many such authors which they have shown and perpetuated from their perspective and we all have 2020 You must definitely read these books and you must make a good foundation in your life full of true enthusiasm! And you have the reins of your life and it depends on you. Meanwhile, the deputation district will reveal many such facts when you read the books! These books must be read once in my life !

आज मैं आपको वह सब बताऊंगा जिसकी हमारे जीवन में सबसे ज्यादा जरूरत पड़ती है जो हमारे जीवन को रिफ्लेक्ट करती है जिसकी हम सबको समझने और जानने की जरूरत है और हमें इसके बारे में जरूर जानना चाहिए, जीवन के बारे में जितना जानने की कोशिश करोगे उतना ही जीवन से जुड़े तथ्य सामने आते रहेंगे और जीवन के बारे में हम सब जान सकेंगे !  और उससे  होने वाले जीवन पर प्रभाव को समझ सकेंगे ये छोटी सी जिंदगी और जहां हम जीते हैं वो छोटी सी दुनिया  जिसमें कई तरह के इंसान और उनकी सोच उनके थॉट्स !

उनकी जीवन पर कैसे प्रभाव डालते हैं वो प्रभाव पॉजिटिव या नेगेटिव भी हो सकता है , ये इंसान द्वारा बनाये गए दो पहलू हैं पॉजिटिव और नेगेटिव ऐसे ही कई लेखक की किताबें जो उन्होंने अपने नजरिये से दर्शाया है और कायम की हैं और हम सबको २०२० मैं इन  किताबों को जरूर पढ़ना चाइये और अपने जीवन मैं अच्छी सच्ची उत्साह से भरी नीव कसा निर्माण जरूर करना चाहिए ! और आपके जीवन की  बागडोर आपके हाथ मैं हैं और ये आप निर्भर करता  है इसी बीच डिप्रैशन डिस्ट्रक्शन ऐसे कई तथ्य आपके सामने खुलेंगे जब  किताबों को पढ़ेंगे ! इन किताबों को जीवन मैं एक बार तो जरूर पढ़ना चाहिए!

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1 .Mindset:
The New Psychology of Success, hoe read the mind  
Book by- Carol Dweck.

How To Convince Your Mind About This Book Mind Set To Do Something New And With Excitement, It Will Be Very Fun To Read This Strongly Reclaimed U How to maintain focus on it, you will definitely get to know everything, you should definitely read this book One of my best book

Top Books You Must Read in 2020 !

2 The 5 AM Club:
Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life. and your rules your dedication 
Book by Robin Sharma

In this book, you will get to know all the benefits of getting up in the morning and many benefits and secrets of getting up in the morning will be revealed, you will get to know something, this is a very good book you must read .
If you wake up late, how will you wake up early? Read this book given in it and try to change your life. Which is the right time to get up and try to change the way. One day you will surely succeed in the morning. If you try more than once, try to get up at 5:00 ! A changed way of getting up early will save you many hours .
Top BooksYouMustRead in 2020 !

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