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Almost all happiness is virtual, but I am talking about the happiness which I consider to be a part of my life, but that happiness is virtual or if I say it does not have any meaning in life till we get that happiness Are not able to feel that which is the most important part of our life or to say that it is a piece of life.

For example, we take any celebrity and there are so many ups and downs in his life, but if a person considers any person to be his idol, then he can live his life according to his life. Tries and then starts to expect more from his life than his life.

Theiggest mistake of a human being is that he tries to live his life accordingly, instead of understanding his life, which he is considering as his idol, his life is many times different from that which he is living.

While knows very well that every human being should live their life in their own way because every person has his / her own different problem, different needs and the reason for happiness is also different, then why human being in their heartbeat Instead of trying to feel someone else's heartbeat, and wants to rely on the Happyness graph of his Idol.

While that person may be happy for almost a long time, neglecting that person if he wants it himself and understand that he is the controller of his own grief because happiness and sorrow are optional and it itself Choose.

If there is a problem in the life of a person whom he considers his idol and is upset and sad because of his problem, then how can his happiness and sadness affect anyone else, and one should not even read because everyone A person has his own problem, so instead of finding a solution to his problem, one should not be unhappy, thinking about someone else's problem except for the family as if he can have an idol that he considers his idol.

And If a problem occurs in the life of a person whom he considers his idol and while he himself is troubled and unhappy due to his problem, then how can his happiness and sadness affect anyone else, and this is possible. Because he knows, because he unknowingly keeps the door of his life in someone else's hand, and he himself knows who he considers to be his idol, and this could be his idol too. Ho, and should not be affected by someone else's happiness and sorrow because every person has his own different problem, so instead of taking the solution of his problems, thinking about someone else's problem should not be sad, disturbed. Except for the family as if he might have an idol he considers his idol.

Every person in the world needs to know and understand that one should not make his life critical because of knowing and acknowledging the reasons of someone else's happiness and sorrow, life can be simple (simple) if If you want to yourself, if you consider anyone an idol, then only learn it from his experiences and he may have some good  shouldhabits.

He not implement life in the form of a dummy. Because a dummy can have both bad and good features that similarly every human has some evils and some good. Learn from them implement good in your life.Can do. Not that the problem is going on in his life, he is unhappy, whom you consider to be your idol and because of his upset you are getting upset and unhappy in your life, it would be wrong and futile to do so.

And because of the sadness of his idol, you are also sad because if you do this, then it is necessary to understand that this is a truly virtual happiness.It will have a profound effect on your life,And instead of living your life, you will start living someone else's life so that it will not matter to him. your life will go on as a shadow,And if you want to live your own life, you can be happy and share happiness in the world, it depends on you.

Happiness country in the world-

Finland. For the fourth year in a row, Finland is number one when it comes to happiness.

Unhappiest country in the world-

Zimbabwe. IANS. Score: 3.160. 

India. BCCL. Score: 4.225

Happiness short quotes-

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Abraham Lincoln

I believe compassion to be one of the few things we can practice that will bring immediate and long-term happiness to our lives.”

Dalai Lama

Happiness motivational quotes-

is happiness an emotion
Yes happiness is temporary emotions it's increse Our dopamine level in Our mind then we Feel full of happiness.

happiness captions-

Happiness found a soul mate in me.
No matter how hard I try, I can never be unhappy.
If I type my life in Google, it shows do you mean happiness?
We only learned one thing in life. Being happy.

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