Recommended Books

My favourite books

1.The power of your subconscious mind. by: Dr. Joseph Murphy.

This book is about measuring the capacity of your will power and thinking power!! Power of thinking will increase.

2.wings of fire by: Dr. APJ abdul kalam.
In this whole Struggle Story, you will know that no matter how contrary you are, should not leave that person Courage.

3.Rich dad poor dad by: robert kiyosaki.
In this, the powerful idea of ​​business intelligence will be found, how does a rich man and a poor man think? How did poor dad and amir dad Teach their children.

4.Who Moved My Cheese by: Spencer Johnson.
Read this inspirational story in full, one of my favorite books, you will be able to easily get to know it..

5.The Alchemist by: Paulo Coelho.
Find Destination and Destiny totally full of happiness.

6.Think and Grow Rich by: Napoleon Hill.
studied more than 20 years to write this book, so you yourself Think what will be the impact of this book! full of strategy how to make money.

Shubham kumar singh

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